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Media coverage

for Metamorphosing

















Media coverage


Resilient Machines.




















































Media coverage


Artificial Ontogeny.



Stephen Colbert

First paper's coverage

Second paper's coverage

Third paper's coverage

Reddit Brings a UVM Evolutionary Robotics Class to the World (May, 2016) [PDF]

The Accidental Roboticist (Oct, 2014)[PDF]

UVM Researchers Hunt Down Hidden Network Nodes with the Help of Eureqa. (Feb, 2014)[URL]

Will Your Child Be An Overweight Adult? (Feb, 2014)[URL]

Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything")[HTML]


Smithsonian Magazine: Beware. Scientists are Creating Machines That Can Evolve on Their Own (Dec, 2013)[PDF]

"Robotics and Humanity" (Apr, 2012)[VID]


Science News: "Software Scientist" (Jan, 2012)[PDF]


Irish Times: "iRobot" (Nov 16, 2011)[PDF]

Financial Times Podcast (May, 2011)[mp3]

Science News: "Meet the Growbots" (Jan. 29, 2011)[PDF]

University of Vermont Honors College (January, 2010)[PDF]

Discover Magazine (June, 2008)[PDF]


Burlington Free Press article (May 18, 2007)[PDF]

IO9 Blog post: Bots show how tough environments affect evolution (Jan, 2014)[PDF]

Motherboard Blog post: To Create Advanced Robots, Let Them Evolve in Complex Environments (Jan, 2014)[PDF]


Eurekalert: Environment affects an organism's complexity (Jan, 2014)[PDF]

White House Press Release: President Obama honors outstanding early career scientists (Sept, 2011)[PDF]

UVM Press Release: President Obama Honors UVM Robotics Scientist (Sept, 2011)[PDF]

Seven Days Magazine: UVM scientist wins highest national award (Oct, 2011)[PDF]


Rutland Herald: UVM scientist wins highest national award (Sept, 2011)[PDF]

The Why Files: "Dr. Darwin teaches robot." (Jan. 5, 2012)[PDF]


American Scientist: "Bringing Up Robots" (February, 2011)[PDF]

Local Vermont television (WCAX) interview (Feb. 11, 2011)[VID]

Vermont Cynic: "Evolution fuels robot research" (Feb. 14, 2011)[PDF]

Discover Blog: "Robots that Evolve Like Animals Are Touch and Smart--Like Animals" (Feb. 14, 2011)[PDF]


Boston Globe: "Artificial intelligence based on Darwin’s idea" (Jan. 31, 2011)[PDF]

Burlington Free Press: "UVM professor explores robot's ability to evolve" (Feb. 7, 2011)[PDF]

CBS: "Scientists: Robots Learn to Walk in Stages" (Jan. 25, 2011)[PDF]


On the front of the National Science Foundation's website (Jan. 31, 2011)[bmp]

Voice of America, Our World (Jan. 29, 2011)[mp3]

Wired: "Robots Evolve More Natural Ways of Walking" (Jan. 26, 2011)[PDF]


Popular Science: "Evolutionary Robots Learn to Crawl Before They Walk" (Jan. 25, 2011)[PDF]


New Scientist: "Metamorphosis key to creating stable walking robots" (Jan. 10, 2011)[PDF]

Robaid: "Evolutive morphological change of robots enhances their capabilities" (Jan. 14, 2011)[PDF] "Evolutionary robotics: for robust robots, let them be babies first" (Jan. 21, 2011)[PDF]

New Scientist: " 'Self-aware' space rovers would be speedy explorers" (Sept. 21, 2007)[PDF]

Esquire: "Six ideas that will change the world [Machines That Fix Themselves]" (Nov. 11, 2007)[PDF]

Vermont Public Radio interview[mp3]

Part of's five biggest neuroscience developments of the year[PDF]

Discovery Channel TV Interview[wmv]

EPFL Talking Robots podcast (with Hod Lipson) (Switzerland)[mp3]

New England Cable News (NECN) TV Interview[wmv]

USA Today[PDF]


New Scientist (UK)[PDF]

MIT Technology Review[PDF]


Nature News[PDF]

Science News[PDF]

Science Update podcast[mp3]

National Geographic[PDF]

The Guardian (UK)[PDF]

The Guardian podcast (UK)[wma]

Scientific American[PDF]



University of Vermont Interview[PDF]

The Globe and Mail (Canada)[PDF]

The Future of Things (Israel)[PDF]

Cosmos (Australia)[PDF]

Russian Newsweek[PDF]

V Magazine[PDF]

Die Zeit (Germany) [English translation][PDF]

Deutschelandfunk, podcast (Germany; German only)[mp3]

Nature builds other robots  [Neue Zuercher Zeitungen] (German / English)

’Animals' grown from an artificial embryo  [New Scientist][PDF]

Virtual Genetic Evolution [Slashdot][PDF]


Scientists plot evolution of virtual creatures  [Ananova][PDF]

Brother Machinemen [Translated into English from Der Spiegel, the German news magazine][PDF]

The Fairytale of Intelligent Monsters (2001)[PDF]

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